Together with Alexey Koshkidko and Victor Netchekhin we’ve created our first iOS application and I’m proud to introduce it – CashMe.

What is it for?

If you’re going on a trip, you definitely need this app in your pocket! It will help you to find  competitive currency exchanges in your city and help you navigate to the nearest bank. Get cash with a better rate!

How does it work?

moneycashme_002 moneycashme_004 moneycashme_003

There are two interfaces: a map view and a list view. By default you can see a map with pointers, which have different colors (from green to red). Green means this rate is one of the best, red – worst. Also, pointers have a rate on them for better visual recognition.

What is next?

It’s just a first version of the app, but we have big plans about improving the UI/UX and performance. Soon you could get exchange rates in most Russian cities.



I’ve just found the way to run your node.js tests based on PhantomJS 2.0 on travis-ci platform.

There is a very long discussion about that problem on travis-ci with version 2. But they still don’t want to support version 2.* on their containers.

Here is a small trick to make it work:

Just add this before_script section to you .travis.yml config.

That’s it.


It’s just a useful command for optimize your composer autoloader and get up to 25% speed up!


I wanna tell you how to build a landing page on Silex framework.
It’s really simple and will take just a few minutes from the start to adding template.
Fist of all we need to create a folder for our project and initialize composer in it (if composer is not installed follow this guide):

Then follow instructions, and when you will be asked a question about adding dependencies, answer “yes”. Add dependencies on silex:

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Useful article about how to upgrade PHP 5.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

On my Mac I’ve installed Sublime Text 2 editor and it’s great for use.
But unfortunately, it does not have any command line interface.

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Hi everybody,

Today I’ve got a simple task for converting multidimensional array to flatten.
I have a multi array:

And I wanna get array like this:

I’ve done research and found a lot of solutions.
But this one I like more:

Also, I would remove using of foreach, and I found this function:

But that function doesn’t work well in case. So I used foreach as the solution.

Hey, there!
I’ve just created a bundle for loading currency rates from or/and
It is very simple and useful in Symfony2.
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For fast deploy your application into other environments you can use useful bundle (and the same in packagist).
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