Useful article about how to upgrade PHP 5.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

On my Mac I’ve installed Sublime Text 2 editor and it’s great for use.
But unfortunately, it does not have any command line interface.

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Hi everybody,

Today I’ve got a simple task for converting multidimensional array to flatten.
I have a multi array:

And I wanna get array like this:

I’ve done research and found a lot of solutions.
But this one I like more:

Also, I would remove using of foreach, and I found this function:

But that function doesn’t work well in case. So I used foreach as the solution.

Hey, there!
I’ve just created a bundle for loading currency rates from or/and
It is very simple and useful in Symfony2.
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For fast deploy your application into other environments you can use useful bundle (and the same in packagist).
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Use soap service for getting cbr currency rates:

Для получения курсов необходимо с помощью соап сервиса выполнить запрос:

It necessary to use queue services in high-performance web applications.
RabbitMQ goods for such goals.
oldsound/rabbitmq-bundle bundle helps to connect RabbitMQ to Symfony2.
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I have a database of cities from around world. I need to get current local time and timezone for each city.
It is possible to get this information using some API ‘s and PHP.
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When order saves in database it necessary set order number in format YYYYMMDD{UNIQUE_ID_IN_DAY}.


We need one cell in a table to store current date in format YYYYMMDD. In this case such table has name system_config_parameter and consists of two columns : key, value.
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