Together with Alexey Koshkidko and Victor Netchekhin we’ve created our first iOS application and I’m proud to introduce it – CashMe.

What is it for?

If you’re going on a trip, you definitely need this app in your pocket! It will help you to find  competitive currency exchanges in your city and help you navigate to the nearest bank. Get cash with a better rate!

How does it work?

moneycashme_002 moneycashme_004 moneycashme_003

There are two interfaces: a map view and a list view. By default you can see a map with pointers, which have different colors (from green to red). Green means this rate is one of the best, red – worst. Also, pointers have a rate on them for better visual recognition.

What is next?

It’s just a first version of the app, but we have big plans about improving the UI/UX and performance. Soon you could get exchange rates in most Russian cities.